The Final Pitch Asean


Frequently Asked Questions


We are constantly on the lookout for business persons and investors who have a track record of success and are looking to be strategic investors to our entrepreneur contestants for our future seasons. Please send us a message through our Contact Us page or Partner With Us and we will get back to you for an exploratory meeting.
It is possible to invest in the contestants that make it to The Final Pitch, and to those who do not, even if you do so behind the scenes. Please send us a message through our Contact Us page or Partner With Us and we will get back to you to discuss the possible options.
We will be glad to discuss with you the ways by which we can help integrate your products, services, or business to The Final Pitch-both on the show, and online. Please send us a message through our Contact Us page or Partner With Us page and we will get back to you for a meeting schedule.


Scale-up startups who meet the following criteria:

  1. Aims to expand to ASEAN. No limitations on industry.
  2. Heading to Series A, B, and/or C stage
  3. Has the capacity to pay for travel fees to Singapore for the initial pitch and shoot (All related expenses will be paid for start-ups who will move forward after the initial pitch in Singapore)
  4. Willing and comfortable to be part of the show (e.g. communication skills, ability to present in front of cameras)
Interested proponents must fill up the official application form on and submit the form to be considered for the Pre-Pitch Casting.

For now there is no minimum or maximum grantor investment. Our investors may choose to use their own money, or pool funds from other sources if they feel the project would benefit from the resources and expertise of other partners.


Part 1: Submission of Entries

All interested applicants must accomplish and submit the official entry form to The Final Pitch.


Part 2: Pre-Pitch Casting

All shortlisted applicants will be asked for additional documents.  Once fulfilled, the applicant is invited to a Zoom video call pitch and will be screened by a panel from The Final Pitch: ASEAN team.  This will be called the “Pre-Pitch Casting” where the panel will assess the pitches and businesses of the applicants to determine who will be eligible to move on to the next round.


Part 3: Contestant Confirmation

The selected applicants from Stage 2 will be sent a confirmatory invitation to participate as a contestant on The Final Pitch. If selected, you will be asked to block off schedules for the filming of your live pitch in Singapore. You will also be asked to undergo online pitch rehearsals so we can recommend the best way you can pitch to the Investor-Judges.




Part 1: Initial Pitches [email protected] please add accordingly thanks.

Filming of the initial pitches will be in Singapore. Here the confirmed participants will be pitching face-to-face in front of the Investor-Judges. All initial pitches will be filmed within a three-day period. Participants in the initial pitches will be asked to pay for their own airfare from their country of origin as well as their hotel accommodations until their initial pitch and eliminations. 


Part 2: Eliminations

The fourth day will be the eliminations, where each Investor-Judge will be entitled to pick four (4) candidates who they can potentially invest in at the end of the season.


Part 3: Mentorship Sessions 

Contestants will be required to attend mentorship sessions and other related activities as official contestants of the show.  The applicants will be required to attend and participate in these sessions where special guest mentors will help them in refining key points of their pitches in preparation for their Final Pitch.


Part 4: Country and HQ Tour with Investor-Judges

Each investor-Judge can select four potential investees, and these four will be invited to come to the Investor-Judge’s home country. Here they will be given a tour of the various companies. The expectation is for them to be able to integrate the investor’s companies into their Final Pitch and propose how the Investor Judge can be a strategic partner. 


Part 5: The Final Pitch

The startups deliver their final pitch to the Investor-Judges. 



Qualified applicants will be given the shoot schedule ahead of time or will be advised prior to participation in the show. The Final Pitch: ASEAN Principal photography for the show will be from November to December 2022.  Pilot and Final episode to be shot in Singapore while shoot schedules in other ASEAN countries will be scheduled individually. Specific venue(s) to follow.

Total shoot days for contestants would depend on how many investor-judges will choose a specific start-up. The initial pitches, mentorship, and business challenges will take approximately two weeks, while the finale will be shot in one day.

There is absolutely no fee to be paid to the show.

Applying for The Final Pitch and making it to the Pre-Pitch Casting is not a guarantee that your business will be shown or featured on The Final Pitch. We discourage entrepreneurs or organizations from joining just to gain media mileage for their companies without the intention to seek funding.

Shortlisted contestants on The Final Pitch will be given free mentoring sessions by our esteemed mentors composed of business experts and industry partners.

The end goal of The Final Pitch is to secure funding or strategic partnerships for the business or enterprise of the contestants. There will be no additional prize or compensation for appearing or competing in the show. Participation in the series is not a guarantee that the businesses will be funded as the decision to invest will be left solely to the discretion of the investor judges.

Yes. If you miss any of the show-related activities or sessions, this signifies that you are no longer interested to pursue your participation and therefore we will not schedule you for your final pitch to the investor judges.

Yes. The due diligence process for the show will happen before we invite you to the online Pre-Pitch session, and will continue as the Investor-Judges express their intent to invest in your company. We suggest that you submit to us as much information and documentation together with your application.

This is a general list, we suggest that you provide our team with as much as information as possible. This allows us to process and review your applications faster. We do understand that some items may not be applicable, and this is okay. The key is to be thorough with the information you are providing us.